Omar Metwally

Hair: black & grey

Eyes: brown

From:  Queens

Ethnicity: Egyptian

Age: 40

"You’ve traveled a long way from home." 
     ”Is there a reason?” 

"Where have you been?" 

"Alice— What brings you to my home?" 

Another Life | Human AU



     Kebi nodded absentmindedly as she made two more waffles, placing them on the table so that her eldest and her husband could serve themselves. When she looked up, she saw Teremun and Khepri file their way into the kitchen.

      “Good morning,” she murmured after Amun, bringing both to her in a shared hug and placing a kiss on each of their foreheads. “Did you sleep well?” Both nodded, and Khepri began her attempt to climb up into the chair, causing Kebi to chuckle before lifting her the rest of the way. “We have waffles and eggs — Oh! And I forgot your drinks,” she sighed, moving to the refrigerator again to remove a bottle of juice.

       Teremun grabbed one of the waffles and Kai had already started the other, leaving Khepri on the verge of tears. Kebi could not wait for this four-year old emotional stage to be over. “I am cooking another right now, sweetheart, give me two minutes,” she reassured, stroking her hair as the new waffle baked in the iron and giving Amun a knowing look. “Yours is next,” she winked at him. “You three will never guess what we have planned for today,” she announced to their children, who all glanced up at her and their father.

Amun looked up and gave Khepri a smile so at least she could relax a little bit. “We are going to do a little bit of shopping first of all. And then, we are planning on going to the beach. How does that sound?” He looked at three of his children’s faces as they hit up in excitement for the beach. The good news had definitely woken them up and got them in a motivated manner to get breakfast over with and ready for their day. “I’ll have another one then I should be fine, Kebi. Don’t forget you need to eat as well.” 

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                                                  ❝ it’s not just shopping, Amun. it’s …
                                                it’s everything. we can’t go places like
                                                other covens do; Benjamin hasn’t even
                                        met any other vampire yet. and you know
                                                              how much he’d love to do that.❞


"Yes, but you still never told anyone you were out." 
        “I would appreciate it if you did.”


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Another Life | Human AU


     She noted how tired he still sounded but said nothing, and moved to the refrigerator to take out the syrup and a few berries, warm doe-brown eyes perusing the inside of the appliance. “I think you’re right … though this time you get to watch Khepri,” she smirked, eying him seriously before placing the fruits and syrup on the table.

      The last time she had gone shopping with their youngest and only girl, Khepri and thrown a fit when denied all that she asked, sitting on the ground and crying so loudly Kebi had no doubt that half the block had heard. After two boys, she thought she knew how to deal with tantrums, but Khepri was a league all her own. Kebi returned to the eggs, giving two spoonfuls to Amun, one to Kai, and saving the rest for their youngest two.

   Amun sarcastically sighed then nodded in agreement. “Deal. I’ll make sure she behaves herself. Usually giving her a piece of candy helps to keep her quiet… for the most part. But walking around the store will get that sugar warn off.” He picked up a few more pieces of food with the fork and continued eating. 

A few more pairs of foot prints were walking down the stairs at this point. Teremun and Khepri were now awake, they could smell the food cooking and wanted to get some before it was all gone. Surely they wouldn’t let the children starve. But they were hungry. Amun turned to face the kids as they entered and greeted them with a smile. “Good morning.”